Alternative Energy to Fuel Your Portfolio

Like many others out there, I am constantly looking for the latest trends to ride in my investment portfolio. One trend that has caught my eye is alternative energy and fuels. Lets look at what has happened with Tesla. The stock is a monster, the company has a cult like following and the product line keeps getting better.
So I ask myself, what plays out there are related or part of the Telsa food chain. Clearly the component suppliers are going to benefit from Tesla’s success. But what related technologies might find a similar trajectory?
That brings me to Zadar Ventures [OCTBB – ZADDF, TSX.V – ZAD]. You may not have heard of them due to a recent rebranding exercise, but they are transforming into a leading Lithium miner. That’s right, the same Lithium used in the Lithium Ion batteries everyone loves. The same Lithium that drives Tesla’s beloved cars. The same Lithium that is very eco-friendly (thus why electric cars are standardizing on this type of battery) and likely will be the standard for batteries in the near future.
What better way to play the success of electric cars like Tesla and other battery dependent objects than through the main ingredient….Lithium! And to play Lithium, you need to invest in the miners. Zadar is well positioned for growth with its strategic investments in some key mines. Look what has happened to some of the existing Tesla partners in this space, like Pure Energy Minerals which saw a huge uptick. Tesla will no doubt need more suppliers in this space. And more companies are leveraging Lithium for their batteries and other applications.
Want another reason to check out Zadar? How about the recent addition to the board of none other, than the founder and original CEO of Pure Energy Minerals? Yes that is right. A key addition to the board in my opinion.
Start doing your own due diligence on this one. Check them out at

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Amazon Echo review 

I am usually am early adopter of a lot of different types of tech.  Amazing Echo would be no different.  Ordered it within the first few months of being out.
First, you have to accept that you will need to keep it plugged in.  The sensors to “hear” a command are always on, so the battery drain would be terrible.  Just accept it and move on.
Early on the skills were a bit limited.  But the ones I downloaded to use with my family were very useful.  Yes we still use it months later mostly as a music player.  We do check weather daily with it too.   But we play games with the kids and they love that.  There are new skills being published every week. Some more useful than others

My plan is to connect my Echo to lights, Nest, garage opener, etc.  I am in the process of evaluating all of those IoT devices and will have an update.

I do wish someone would write an Internet search skill.  That does seem to be lacking for now.  

Be on the lookout for an update in a few months.

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PADBro for IPAD!!

If you have a new IPAD, then you need to have great content. PADbro is a great option for down loading unlimited ebooks, comics, news, international news, and much more.

I found the down load speeds to be fast. The amount of content is unreal. There are so many titles to choose from. The topics were limitless.

This is a great site for any level of Ipad user. You do not need to be a technical person, just a user who wants books, news or other items to read. There is great support for all level users as well.

I have even found a nice offer for my friends:

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Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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